SEO is a Team Game: Intro

SEO is a Team Game: Intro

Google’s search ranking algorithm factors in over 200 different things. The exact list is not public but there are a number of generally agreed upon factors. I spent time digging through that list, and others, and it was apparent that the old adage ‘content is king‘ still rings true with search engine rankings. But content isn’t a one man army, nor should it be. Despite the fuzziness that we have around SEO, or rather because of the fuzziness, SEO must be approached with a team effort.

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I have taken a large number of commonly agreed upon SEO factors and grouped them by team responsibility. I split up that work into a series of posts that will follow this post. There was some overlap and debate about which team would handle a few items so you may find a few items in a different spot than you would arrange them. Here are the groups I split them into:

In this series: