“Load More” Button on Multiple Loops

More and more blogs today are eschewing pagination in favor of loading additional posts on the same page via ajax. WordPress has no shortage of plugins that add such functionality, but most tend to be too general or too specific. Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll is one...
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The UX Certification Debate

This past June, in London, an unassuming conference-goer attended a UX workshop and days later became the first person to be UX Certified by the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG). Sounds pretty cool, right? The lucky guy, Ian Thompson, responded “The courses give the... read more

SEO is a Team Game: System Administrator

“The difference between a domain that’s six months old versus one year old is really not that big at all.” – Matt Cutts This seems like something minor, but what other details aren’t you thinking about? Oftentimes we excel at the things we know about but... read more

SEO is a Team Game: Back End Development

Back end developers are often the unsung heroes of successful web applications. Oftentimes the design gets the glory (or shame) because you can’t see all the work going on behind the scenes. And in many cases the developers only get mentioned when something is... read more

SEO is a Team Game: Front End Development

Front end developers have always, inevitably, had a role in SEO. Initially, meta tags and keywords were all the rage and many dirty tricks were used to hide keywords all over the site, trying to make it seem like it was filled with good content. And while meta tags... read more

SEO is a Team Game: User Experience/Design

I think this is an unintentionally undervalued part of SEO. I say unintentionally because measuring the quality of the user experience isn’t easy to do. Even the Google Quality Guidelines doesn’t really clear that up for us: “We may focus on... read more

SEO is a Team Game: Intro

Google’s search ranking algorithm factors in over 200 different things. The exact list is not public but there are a number of generally agreed upon factors. I spent time digging through that list, and others, and it was apparent that the old adage... read more

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