“Load More” Button on Multiple Loops

More and more blogs today are eschewing pagination in favor of loading additional posts on the same page via ajax. WordPress has no shortage of plugins that add such functionality, but most tend to be too general or too specific. Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll is one...
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Canvas is Growing Up

Hey, have you ever heard of canvas? No? Well, if you’re paying attention to web trends, you’re about to. Canvas is an HTML tag like any other, but it serves a specific purpose: it is a “drawable region,” basically the code equivalent to a blank painter’s canvas.... read more

User Experience and User Interface

People commonly, mistakenly, consider UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) the same thing. Sure, they are related and they do work together. But lumping them together is the same thing as assuming your nephew with the Computer Science degree can automatically... read more

The Evolution of PlayStation.Blog

We’ve been blessed to work with the PlayStation team on the design and development of the PlayStation.Blog since it’s inception in 2007. If I were better at organizing, or perhaps slightly psychic, I would have kept better track of each design iteration.... read more

Better Embeds with Media Explorer

I had the pleasure of speaking last month at the UtahWP meetup (formerly WP-SLC) in Draper, UT. The Platforms Team recently used Media Explorer as the foundation for embedding content from a variety of sources for a client project.  In the course of discussing the... read more

Bringing Eventbrite to

Last year, Eventbrite, Automattic and Voce teamed up to bring the Eventbrite and WordPress communities together! While initially the project was slated for, it quickly became apparent that it should not stop there, the community should implement the... read more

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