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Project Overview

Project Description

In 2008, PlayStation came to us looking for a publishing platform it could use to communicate directly with fans. PlayStation Blog was to connect fans with all aspects of the PlayStation experience, driving interactions and game sales.

The Voce Platforms team wanted to give PlayStation the best possible way to publish directly to readers. We selected WordPress as the platform on which to host what at the time was a relatively simple blog that was focused on talking to people, conducting polls, and soliciting feedback. We wanted to create a blog that was both top-quality and scalable enough to keep up with evolving technology and needs. Over the years, change has indeed been central to PlayStation Blog, which has become a major news outlet. Since launch, the site has undergone several redesigns to accommodate social network integration, the addition of logging in through PlayStation Network, direct media purchases, and the shift to a responsive site for mobile visitors. New blogs have been launched in countries around the world to serve regional audiences, and Voce’s work led to the creation of PlayStation Share, a site for gathering audience feedback and ideas.

At a Glance

PlayStation Blog is a perfect example of how we can handle every aspect of platform creation: Strategy, Design, Development and Management. Management includes security, technical maintenance, and content management. Analytics monitoring informs regular user experience and design refreshes that keep this site modern.

We created a world-class blog that was scalable enough to keep up with future technology and the needs of the PlayStation Blog team.

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