Creating Experiences. Empowering Publishers.

Voce’s Platforms team has spent more than fifteen years focusing on two things — creating experiences and empowering publishers. No chasing trends. No shiny objects. Our group delivers custom digital experiences for the biggest and brightest brands in the world. We’re keen to do great things. If that type of “get things done” attitude is appealing to you, we should talk.


We’ve built a team of the best when it comes to Research, User Experience, Design, and Development. Desktop, mobile, tablet and video game console — we’ve built custom solutions for the likes of Sony PlayStation, eBay, Time Inc. and Tribune. We deliver our solutions in an agile process where our team is an extension of your team. Our solutions have life. We release early and we release often.


  • Chris Scott

    Chris Scott
  • Mike Pretty

    Mike Pretty
  • Mark Parolisi

    Mark Parolisi
  • Jeff Stieler

    Jeff Stieler
  • Sean O'Shaughnessy

    Sean O'Shaughnessy
  • Kevin Langley

    Kevin Langley
  • John Ciacia

    John Ciacia
  • Gary Smirny

    Gary Smirny
  • Sean McCafferty

    Sean McCafferty
  • Curtis Loisel

    Curtis Loisel
  • Jeremy Harrington

    Jeremy Harrington
  • Pete Schiebel

    Pete Schiebel
  • Nik Wilets

    Nik Wilets
  • Angelo Manzano

    Angelo Manzano
  • Greg Pabst

    Greg Pabst
  • Rob Glazebrook

    Rob Glazebrook
  • Scott Harrington

    Scott Harrington
  • Jennifer Laker

    Jennifer Laker

Project Hangar

Simple, elegant solutions to the toughest problems is what we do best. It’s even better when we can share those solutions. The Project Hangar is where you can find many of the WordPress- based solutions we’ve open-sourced.


If efficiently delivering great digital experiences sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch. If you want to see us in person we have a few places to do that.